Hungarian wines feature in ‘the most interesting wedding wine list’

Father hijacks daughter’s wedding theme to promote obscure grape varieties Don’t tell the bride but her wine-loving father has hijacked her theme to promote some obscure grape varieties. Wine writer and part-time winemaker Chris Boiling aims to use his daughter’s wedding to raise the profile of Laški Rizling, Juhfark, Blaufränkisch, Kadarka, Furmint, Plavac Mali, and [...]

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A Year Full of Suffering and Joy – Chris Boiling’s Diary, Chapter 12

Living the dream? Part 12: Lessons from the past year The distinctive rattle of klopotci, the traditional wooden windmills erected to scare birds from grapes in this neck of Central Europe, fills the air. Most of the large vineyards and many of the smaller ones have them. Some are louder than others. The 3-metre sails [...]

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Zlati Grič Wine Cellar

Location Zlati Grič d.o.o., Škalce 80 3210 Slovenske Konjice, Slovenia Style The wine cellar is equipped with the latest technology for producing high-quality wines and as such enables the wines produced from the grapes grown in the local vineyards to preserve their freshness,variety and flavour. The wines also reflect all the properties of the local vinegrowing area. [...]

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Location Vogrsko 167, 5293 Volcja Draga, Slovenia Vines/ha 7 000 – 8 000 Style The Fornazaric Estate is located in Slovenia’s renowned winegrowing region, the Vipava Valley. The  beauty of their wines is that they are also organic and biodynamic. They produce wines without the use of mineral fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides. The vine varieties they grow are [...]

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Location Paričjak 22a, 9252 Radenci, Slovenia Capacity of the cellar 1.3 million litres of wine Style Kapela sells wines with high added value to both intermediate and end customers. They produce quality and top quality white and red still wines, predicates and sparkling wine. To the consumer they offer pleasure and the top quality of natural flavours [...]

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Vina Colja

Location Davorin in Mitja, Steske 9, 5295 Branik, Slovenia Size 4 hectares Style Vina Colja  produces many varieties of wine. By sticking to traditional cultivating and by sparingly lading the vine we produce grapes of high quality, which result in premium wines. Owner: Marjan Colja Cellarmaster: Matej Colja Opening hours for visitors no information Spoken languages Slovenian, English Accommodation None Tasting No [...]

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Location Sejmiska pot 1 a, 6210 Sezana, Slovenia Size 48 hectares Style The beginnings of the organised production of wine at the Vinakras Winery Sežana date back to 1861. In 2008, the cellar was considerably expanded and modernised to better serve the growing needs of Karst viticulture. The Winery has acquired a prestigious reputation due to its Teran [...]

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Location Snežatno 26a, 5211 Kojsko, Slovenia Style The Štekar family started with farm tourism in 1986, but after the independence of Slovenia they got more seriously involved in it. They like to admit that the wine-growing which has had a centuries-long tradition and farm tourism which has lasted for a quarter of a century go hand in [...]

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Location PLEŠIVO 44, MEDANA, 5212 DOBROVO V BRDIH, SLOVENIA Size 20 hectares Bottles per year 80,000 Style While making use of state-of-the-art technology, the Ščureks also explore the realm of possibilities offered by oak barrels, and are notable in their commitment to autochthonous varieties. They are particularly proud of the white and red Stara Brajda blends and the [...]

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