Prince Stirbey creating a varietal stir high above the River Olt

Prince Stirbey is a treasure trove of indigenous varietals in the Drăgăşani region of southern Romania, perched on a remote hilltop overlooking a vast body of water that is actually a reservoir on the River Olt. This artificial lake, which was created by Nicolai Ceauşescu as part of a hydropower scheme, remains one of the [...]

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Weingut Brutler & Lieb

Name of the winery: Weingut Brutler & Lieb Location: str. Pietii, nr. 428, 447040 Beltiug, jud Satu Mare, Romania Size: 15,5 hectares Style: The cellar’s oenologists, Johann and Edgar Brutler, father and son, use simple technology to produce high quality wines. Keeping it natural, keeping the originality of the fruit unaltered plays an important role in their creed. Those [...]

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Wine Princess Winery

Name of the winery: Wine Princess Location: 310028, Arad, Str. Octavian Goga 26., Ap. 6., Romania Size: 70 ha Style: The specialities are the legendary red aszú, the spicy Cadarca, the velvety red wines and the mild Feteasca Regala-s. The Merlot, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, Burgund and the Cadarca are the firm’s excellent and top wines. The major wine [...]

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Petro Vaselo Winery

Name of the winery: Petro Vaselo Location: Petrovaselo no. 230, 307346 Timis County – Romania  Size: total area of 172 ha of land, of which, in the present 42 are planted with vineyards Style: The newest Romanian wine producer on the market. It’s an Italian business on South-West of Romania. Grape types: Reds: Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir  [...]

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Prince Stirbey

Name of the winery: Prince Stirbey Location: Dragasani, Str. Dealul Olt, Valcea County, Romania Size: 22 ha / 100.000 bottles annual production Style: Boutique Winery owned by Prince Stirbey family´s descendant Baroness Ileana Kripp, focusing on top quality wines of indigenous grape varieties Opening hours for visitors: Mo-Sa 10 am – 6 pm Languages: English, [...]

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